-Excerpt from the book Brooklyn Bat Boy. 

           Bobby Kelly is a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy who loves 

playing stickball in the street with his friends and cheering for the Dodgers. Bobby’s dream of being part of the Dodgers comes true in 1947 when he lands the job of bat boy for the team.

There’s just one thing Bobby’s not sure about. The Dodgers are planning to do something that has never been done before. An African-American named Jackie Robinson will be playing for Brooklyn. Bobby isn’t sure how to feel about it, especially since members of his family and kids in his neighborhood don’t like the idea. In order to truly become part of the Dodgers, Bobby will have to learn to accept Robinson as a member of the team and learn from his example. This fictional story looks at an important point in baseball history from a young person’s perspective and highlights the time period, including using popular slang from the East Coast in the 1940s.

        ​    “I dunno if you noticed, but ever since Robinson started playin’ first base for the Dodgers, the world ain’t stopped turnin’. My head ain’t exploded. Baseball ain’t got destroyed.”